Image of Old Abandoned House

Sundial Land’s Solution to Selling Your Land, While Out of Town

Image of Old Abandoned House
SUNDIAL’s Solution to Selling Your Land, While Out of Town

Living in another town or having a hectic schedule, could make the land-selling process even more challenging than it ordinarily would be. From missed land viewings to finding the right agent and high agency fees, selling land while out of town is trickier.

Clyde had an old piece of inherited land in faraway Ohio which recently, had been racking up federal taxes on his limited income. Being a recent graduate, Clyde didn’t want excess taxes on his income and decided to sell his land in Ohio. In comes problem number 2. The 11-hour journey from Massachusetts to Ohio meant he had to take time off work to meet up with agents (which meant a further reduction in his income) and he often missed land viewing appointments with potential buyers.

We’ve been in that position before and with that in view, Sundial Lands’ founders decided to create a solution to help landowners sell their land seamlessly, even while out of town. By filling out our cash-offer form, landowners provide details that Sundial Lands uses to conduct research with the aim of buying their lands, remotely and at good prices!

Cash offer form location on Sundial Lands Home Page
You can sell your land while out of town by clicking our cash offer form.

The process of selling your land for cash with Sundial Lands is simple. After filling out the cash-offer form:

We Research Your Property: Using the information you provide us with on the “Cash Offer Form”, we run a research on your property.

We give you a cash offer: We contact you with a cash-offer after research on your land is complete and your property meets our buying criteria.

We Send You An Agreement: When all parties agree with the terms of the sale of your property, we prepare a purchase agreement and present it to you.

We Open Escrow: Once we receive your signed agreement, we begin our title examination on the property.

You Get Paid:

Once our examination is complete and we establish there is a title of ownership to the landed property, we process your payment. And all is done in a fair, hassle-free manner.

Wouldn’t you rather sell with us? To get the best deal on your vacant lands, even while out of town. Click the link below!

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