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At Sundial Lands, we specialize in helping landowners like you unlock the value of their lands- connecting you with high-value buyers and giving you a cash offer within days! Looking to sell your land fast? Our land-buying process is trustworthy, seamless and efficient with your best interest at heart.


Empowering Property Owners

Our platform’s mission is to revolutionize the land-selling experience, providing a platform that empowers individuals and investors to unlock the full potential of their properties.

A Better Future for Land Selling

We envision a future where selling land is a seamless and rewarding process for every property owner. Our platform is designed to democratize the real estate market making it accessible and efficient for both seasoned sellers and first time landowners.


We Research Your Property

Once you provide us with basic pieces of information using our "Cash Offer Form", we conduct a research on your property.

We Present You With An Offer

After research on your land is complete and your property meets our buying criteria, we contact you with a cash offer.

We Send You An Agreement

When all parties come to agreement with the terms of sale of your property, we prepare a purchase agreement and present to you.

We Open Escrow

Once we receive your signed agreement, we begin our title examination on the property.

You Get Paid

Once our examination is complete and we establish there is a title to the landed property, we process your payment.

Why Choose Us

Fastest Work

We are fast in getting your land sold

High Skill

We work with well trained personnels


We are very reliable and trust-worthy


We deliver with minimal fuss

What Our Clients Say

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I was recommended to another company by a friend to sell our property to, but we were told to make an initial deposit of $1k before proceeding. This kind of threw me off. Sundial Land seemed more thrust worth because my process never required any initial money and everything went according to plan. I am happy I came across you guys
Jane Johnson(JJ)
Austin, Texas
The process went exactly as they said it would go. Was like all the moves were already pre acted and I was the missing piece for execution. It went very quickly and smoothly.
Freedom Wessa
Eugene, Oregon
It was a very simple process even though everything was done remotely. The company made it very easy like I was just right there making the deal myself. Wasn't a problem to get the paperwork as well after we spoke. I just had a few signings to do at my convenience and the money was all mine lol. it was really simple
Steve Ward
The service was great, very fast and professional. The mobile notary was a really nice touch. If I could rate them I would surely give them a 100%
Alice Benson
Browerville, Minnasota
We Are Here To Serve You

Selling Your Land Faqs

We really don’t need much! Our Get A Cash Offer Form only requires you to list the name the land property is listed under with the county, your contact information, and the state and county the property is located in. Adding additional information is recommended and filling out the form as completely as possible will help us research your land property and get you an offer in less time.

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to sell land on your own. The market for raw land is limited and it can often take months or years to sell a land property on your own. Finding bank financing for land is difficult, which means you’ll typically have to find cash buyers for your property. Without spending money on advertising, this is challenging. Many land properties are marketed with owner financing arrangements, meaning the owners must deal with the hassle of collecting monthly payments for years, and only receive a small amount each month. If you decide to list your land property with a real-estate agent or broker, you may be disappointed to find that many brokers don’t commit much of their time or resources towards selling land, as it can be more difficult to sell, and commissions are typically lower.

Not a problem! We will prepare a new deed for the purchase of your land property and won’t need you to provide a copy of your deed. We can acquire most, if not all, of the documents we need from the county offices to complete the purchase, so it won’t require much effort on your end at all.