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Selling Land from the Comfort of Your Home

Man Seated at Couch working from laptop
Selling Your Lands from your home is easy with Sundial Lands

When it comes to selling land, one thing is certain. You’re in for a lot of work- from seeking out agents to listing your property, to getting all necessary documentation in place.

Another problem encountered by the many landowners seeking to sell their lands is the huge fees and commissions involved. Seeing it’s personal property being sold, one would expect landowners to go smiling to the bank with their huge gains after each sale. That is often not the case, however, as commissions and agency fees often suck up a significant portion of land sellers’ profits.

A woman in DC told the story of how she wanted to sell off her aunt’s property. According to her, her aunt, feeling unwell, had decided to return to her home country in South America. Before doing so, she needed to sell her landed property in Washington, D.C. With little time on their hands, they began looking for the fastest means of selling off. After consulting with several real estate agents and considering the substantial commission fees involved, they opted to explore alternative selling methods.

With all these in mind, Sundial Lands developed a solution that helps landowners sell their lands for good profit, within a short time and largely all online, from the comfort of their homes!

To sell your land for cash on Sundial Lands, simply fill out the cash-offer form on our website. The rest of the job is largely left to us. We research your property using the information you provided in the cash offer form, present you with an offer, and send you an agreement.

Finally, when we establish that there is a title to your land, we process your payment!

Cut out the stress and sell your property with Sundial Lands today.

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